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Hottest trends in the arena of Mobile Application Development

Smartphones has gained immense prominence in the lives of people and with time we see that its significance is increasing. In today’s times it’s common that people use Smartphone in order to manage the various tasks in their everyday life. There are a number of Smartphone users that use android operating system owing to its huge base and this way the arena of android application development is growing at a rapid pace. Here we discuss the hottest trends in the field of android application development.

Secured Mobile Apps

Ensuring the security of Smartphone is the major issue as people using it constantly fret over the security of their personal information. This is the reason they are often indecisive over downloading those apps not meeting their security standards. Mobile app developers are making constant endeavors to find ways in order to make mobile applications way more secure. This way they encourage users for maximum downloads. No surprises that mobile applications security is highly prominent this year and the trend is certain to go up in future.

Enterprise Mobile Apps

enterprise mobile app development

With people getting more habitual to mobile applications and they are commonly found shopping for various products through Smartphone’s. This is the reason why most companies approach their customer via Smartphone’s and hence enterprise mobile applications enjoy huge prominence and myriad enterprise apps are released frequently on Google Play Store. There might soon be an upward trend in the arena of enterprise mobile app development in future.

Cloud Based Mobile Apps

cloud computing

There is a relative growth noticed in terms of mobile technology and cloud computing. While cloud technology enables mobile app developers to limit the size of mobile applications, it is also helpful to resolve memory issues as well as bandwidth problems. There are countless benefits attached by the real-time growth of this technology and the development of cloud based mobile apps will keep on rising in future as well. Cloud technology incorporation allows mobile app developers to come around new prospects in the arena of mobile application development.

Rise of Swift Programming

swift programming

Google Inc. plans on using the swift in order to integrate Android platform. This is greatly easy and offers various benefits to Android app developers. By integrating Swift technology, developers can mitigate offline and online differences mainly in the case of e-commerce mobile applications. The present platform of Google is running on Java as a core language and it’s an obvious fact that the integration of Swift won’t be replacing it, however Swift’s incorporation as open-source will help in discovering it as a apt fit for the Android platform.

IoT Will Occupy the Center Stage

IoT services

With evolution of IoT the Android applications are certain to reach the next level in the coming times. Integrated with various Google’s devices such as Google Glass, iWatch and a lot more, IoT’s integration with mobile app offers incessant chances for developers so that they can develop wonderful mobile apps. In case you are planning on developing an Android application in the coming times, then there is a chance that you can explore all the opportunities that evolve in mobile app development industry.

Tech Wearable

tech wearable devices

Wearable technology is certainly the most intriguing subject in the arena of mobile app development and at present we see healthcare industry dominate the wearable technology. However it’s easy to use it in various fields in order to enhance efficiency as well as productivity. It has been seen that mobile app developers give a lot of attention to this trend that is continuously rising and there are going to be various exciting innovations in the arena of wearable tech in future.

These new trends are certainly worth giving a try to as they have brought significant change in the world of technology. At Octal Info Solution, we offer the most efficient and effective web and mobile application development services to the clients all around the world at cost-effective prices. These services meet the varying needs of the clients and help them achieve their goals in an effective manner.

Arun Goyal

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