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How to Create and Grow Your Female Health Tracking App?

Almost all of us must be using one or the other health tracking apps. With a wide variety of wrist trackers, wearables and health applications available on the market, this trend has become rather prevalent. However, this health tracking app market has been long populated by fitness apps, disease management apps, diet and nutrition apps, etc. In the meantime, the niche of female health tracking app stayed fairly small.

But in the recent past, several apps that primarily focus on the health and wellness of women have started to crop up in the market. Many renowned companies have started developing digital products that cover women’s health needs. For instance, Fitbit was amongst the first companies to successfully launch a female health tracking feature through its mobile app.

Many recent surveys point towards the growing potential of this market. As per Frost & Sullivan, with 50% of the global population as target customers, the female technology market will reach $50 billion by 2025. Such a sensational projection should not be overlooked by aspiring entrepreneurs. Isn’t it?

About Female Health Tracking Apps


Majorly, all-female health and wellness applications focus on one thing – Period Tracking. Such apps help women to keep a track of their menstruation cycle, understand when they are most fertile, analyze their overall body condition, send alerts for taking birth control pills, etc. All these amazing functionalities bundled into one app helps women to know more about their bodies and deal with pregnancy in the right way. Moreover, these apps can also be accessed by doctors to understand their patient’s health. Sounds amazing, right?

Moving on, there are several periods of tracking apps on the market. However, most of them do not yield satisfactory results. In this article, we will talk about to create a functional female health tracking app by incorporating the best features and even learn about the different ways to monetize it. Let’s begin.

Benefits of Female Health Tracking Apps for Women

Before moving on to the development part, let us first understand some of the most significant benefits of a female health tracking app for women.

  • Better body knowledge: Such apps help women have an improved understanding of their bodies by uncovering the impact of menstrual cycle on their overall health.
  • Enhanced care: Specific details about symptoms and menstrual cycle can help women seek for more personalized care.
  • Personalized Insights: Gradually, with more information logged in, these apps become smarter and offer intelligent insights, such as how the menstrual cycle impacts one’s sleep, weight, activity, nutrition routine and much more.


Some Outstanding Female Health Tracking Apps On the Market


If you are planning to create your own female health tracking app, it is important to first study applications that have already been successful on the market and understand the functionality they bring to the table.

Some of the best period tracking apps that are hugely popular are:

  • Clue: This is one of the most reliable apps that comes with an AI-based period tracker. It is available on both IOS and Android and offers significant health alerts on upcoming or late periods, ability to track periods as well as a full ovulation calendar. Furthermore, it has a user-friendly interface, quick and clean setup and amazing accuracy when it comes to predicting periods and studying symptoms.
  • Flo Period and Ovulation Tracker: This is another ground-breaking app that largely relies on machine learning and AI to help women improve their wellness. It comes with a functional interface where the user can log over 50 symptoms such as sleep, water intake, menstrual flow, moods, physical activity, etc. The app then offers personalized tips and insights based on the collected data.
  • Eve: An app with a clean and intuitive interface and nifty functionality, Eve is widely popular among the users. It also features a built-in social network where the users can share their tips and experiences with their friends and family.
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Functionality to be Incorporated into Your Female Health Tracking App


The app you develop should help women predict their menstrual cycles as well as inform them of what their bodies are doing. The features and functionality that should be incorporated into these apps include:

  • Onboarding: This feature helps women in getting an idea of the app and understanding the functionality it offers. This improves user experience and helps to retain users.
  • User profiles: This is an important feature that allows the users to create a simple profile by filling out important health information, such as their age, weight, height and other necessary data on their health and period.
  • Period calendar: This feature is used by users to enter information on the first and last day of their period. You can incorporate a progress screen that displays the current day of the cycle, the estimated date of next menstruation, fertility window, upcoming PMS, etc.
  • Reminders: Using this functionality, the users can be gently reminded to make daily log entries, take medications or reminders of the onset of the next phase of the menstrual cycle.
  • Symptom tracking and analysis: Most period trackers help in tracking and recording daily symptoms such as the mood, intensity of flow, intercourse, PMS symptoms, cervical fluid, water intake, sleep, weight, and exercise. Based on this data, the app can predict what should a user expect from her body and when to see a doctor.
  • Sharing information with a doctor: Your female health tracking app should come with functionality where the users can share this sensitive information with their doctor to expedite the process of diagnosis and treatment.
  • Social network: This is an important function that allows the users to talk to others and share their experiences. You can launch a Quora-style service where the users can anonymously ask questions and give answers or even participate in groups formed around topics.
  • Online consultations: You can collaborate with adept medical professionals who can offer online consultations to the users. A feature where users can take treatment plans or even drug prescriptions through text messages or voice calls will be highly applauded.

How to Monetize Your Female Health Tracking App?


It will be foolish to make investments in an app without getting any profit from it. Isn’t it? Let’s look at some effective monetization strategies you can use to generate revenue from your app.

  • Paid app: The acceptance and popularity of paid apps are constantly decreasing. However, few of the many female health tracking apps available on the market are using this as their business model. The risky choice as its own list of pros and cons. But one of the significant advantages of using this business model is that in the niche of paid apps, you will have fewer competitors. Also, users of paid apps are more loyal and active than those of free apps.
  •  In-app ads: Releasing a free app with in-app ads is another significant way of generating revenue. This is an extremely popular monetization method adopted by many app developers. But it must be noted that in-app advertising can be very damaging if implemented poorly. Therefore, make sure that you do not put off your users with annoying advertising. Try to strike a fine balance between the number of ads and place and time when they appear so that users interact with them nicely.
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  • In-app purchases: This monetization technique is also known as freemium that allows the users to use a basic free version of the app with an option to subscribe to a premium one with supplementary features for an added cost.

Final Words: Currently, period tracking apps are the second-largest type of app in the health and fitness segment. The niche represents great potential. So, if you are planning to build your own female health tracking app that is specially designed to cater to the needs of women, now is the time. Get in touch with a reputed app development company and get started today!

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