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How to develop Scalable Network Applications with new & exciting Node.js 8?

Today we are living in a tech-driven world, and there is always some game-changing technology entering the market with a boom and extinction at the same pace. However, Node.js certainly begs to differ in this regard. Ryan Dahl developed this open-source cross-platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime in 2009, and today this platform has proved itself as an exceptional choice for real-time web application development that boosts ROI by providing a highly interactive user experience.

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There are many advantages of using Node.js with most favored being its ability to allow developers to write JavaScript on both the client-side and the server-side. Node.js has played an integral role in helping enterprises such as PayPal, eBay, Netflix, Yahoo, The Mail Online, and Walmart take their respective businesses to new heights.
And now Node.js is out there, and it is ready to surprise you all with its exciting and unique features. It offers plenty of opportunities to the network application developer and has also come with various other improvements. Meanwhile, in October, the Node.js 8 is going to turn bigger as it will be armed with the Long Term Support with its code name ‘Carbon’. This LTS is likely to be maintained for a few years until 31st December 2019.

What Node.js 8 has in cards to offer?

To start with, it has Node.js API which will not just assist for the developers but also for the async hooks, WHATWG URK parser, zero filling buffers, JS Binding for inspector and a lot more.
Here, let’s discuss the many essential features Node.js 8 has to offer:

Quickly develop native add-ons

With N-API, it gets easier to develop native add-ons. It’s among the features that remain free from underlying JavaScript and separates add-ons from changes in the underlying JavaScript engine. This way the native add-ons can run on various Node.js versions minus recompilation. Also, the Application Binary Interface (ABI) stays stable in various Node.js versions. The add-ons are going to be able to function against Microsoft’s Chakra-Core with the help of API.

It comes enabled with npm 5

The presence of npm 5 is another exciting feature of Node.js 8. Since the default now option saves it, thus it can be used by the users without any trouble. Meanwhile, if there is a no npm-shrinkwrap.json, the package-lock.json gets developed automatically. You don’t have to look for the network if there is no internet connection or it gets lost. Like, if you chose registry B, then npm 5 will install that package instead of some other one.

Info on all crucial Async Hooks API

Earlier known as AsyncWrap, Async Hooks is among the most popular features of the Node.js 8. The API helps you collect updated info on the life of handle objects by structural tracing. Additionally, it allows node.js developer to control the Node.js event loop function.
Other features comprise of:
• No need of a third-party library to implement readable control flow which was required with co.
• Solves the purpose of continuation-local-storage npm package, in the hub.

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TurboFan and Ignition

The introduction of the TurboFan and Ignition is one of the most significant attributes of the latest version of Node.js 8. The combination of both has been in the process of development for a few years.
The TurboFan acts as an optimizing compiler while the Ignition is known for the V8 interpreter. In the case of TurboFan, it uses less memory and offers quicker start-ups in Node.js developed apps.
With their introduction, the issue related to the FullCode Generator and the Crankshaft is now resolved, and there are a lot of improvements in that arena. Additionally, now you can easily optimize the JavaScript language for many years. But it also has a drawback that you are required to implement the language in various parts of the pipeline for which much development is needed.

Better Buffer Security

Both the buffers, the zero filling Buffer and the new Buffer, are now added by default. However, earlier, the memory space was not initialized with zero. This led to a few security issues.
Now the new version has allowed people to secure their privacy. However, Node.js 8 users are advised to first make themselves aware of the risks factors involved in the function and only after that use it to avoid the leakage of secure information. Meanwhile, there is an issue that you have to take performance hits. However, it’s better to move on to buffer.allocUnsafe ().

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Implements WHATWG URL

In the new version, the WHATWG URL is implemented. Earlier it was added in the Node.js 7 on an experimental basis. It surely has many advantages with one being it matches the URL implementation and API, accessible in the prominent web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple’s Safari, etc. The code can be shared across various environments using the URLs.

Pending Depreciation

This handy feature helps the Buffer num users to understand the app well when developing time and testing in the CI environment. The Node.js can send warnings and depreciation when the Buffer num is used.
However, take a note to not make use of Buffer() and new Buffer() constructors for security reasons. Instead, use the new Buffer.all(), Buffer.allocUnsafe(), or Buffer.from().

Console is modified

Earlier when developers tried writing the console output to the underlying stream, the Node.js app use to collapse due to certain errors. But now you have Node.js 8.0 version as your savior. The errors have been rectified by repressing the issue events with the help of the console process. Thus you have secure API.
These were the most vital features Node.js 8 has to offer and the ways to use them to fulfill your various requirements. It’s time to get the web development company that suits your needs well and get the updated version of Node.js.

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