After pushing a series of beta versions, Apple has finally released the official update of iOS. As seen in the beta versions, iOS 9.2 is more about fixing and resolving issues than adding more features to the host of applications. So if you are noticing some niggles with your current iOS, the new update may solve them without taking a toll on your data. Although the update size is dependent on devices, it should be approximately 300 MB.

The update is released for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch operating systems.

Let’s see what iOS 9.2 has to offer in this update:

1. Apple News is Now Better: Apple News was missing on something that probably drives the cart of many news channels and aggregators, “Top News”. Although the app is already good at the task of curating content, having a section of frequently updated top stories just gives more reasons to users to come back and check the big news of the day (or the hour).

2. Send Bigger Files Through Mails: Users can now send large attachments through Mail via Mail Drop. Mail Drop is an app that uses iCloud to send bulky files over Internet.

3. Improvements in Apple Music: While adding the songs to a new playlist, you can now see the recently changed playlist on the top. There is a download indicator to let you know about the song that you have downloaded. Also, you can download playlist or albums from iCloud Music Library by using the download button in iCloud.

4. iBooks is improved: Now you can listen to an audiobook while exploring iBooks Store, browsing other books or reading one. So now you don’t need to get stuck to the audio-play screen of iBooks to listen to your favorite title. One more change. The 3D touch support has now been extended to the iBooks app that allows you to peek and pop the table of content from inside the book.

5. Other Fixes: Here is the system stability part. iOS 9.1 had a long list of improvements to be done to fine-tune the user-experience. Now, not surprisingly, iOS 9.2 has plugged the leaks left unnoticed by the previous updates. Safari and Podcasts are now more stable. There are many other fixes to apps and features such as Live Photos, Wallet, Find my iPhone, iCloud among others.
It goes without saying that you must upgrade to iOS 9.2 if you have a supported device. Coming with some added features, iOS 9.2 is definitely a finer version of much-touted iOS 9.