Packers & Movers Mobile App Development

Packers & Movers Mobile App Development – Cost and Features

Over the last few years, the Packers & Movers industry has witnessed immense prominence. Today a significant number of people are using their services.

Packers & movers apps are mainly relied on for shifting activities like moving home items and heavy equipment or transferring stuff to other residential locations to warehouses. Ultimately, it depends on customers, like whether it is a company or a family.

Today we will discuss in detail the packers & movers app development process and how the app can turn out a lot effective. So, to start with, your app needs to have great features which not just can attract users but is also helpful in accomplishing success for companies in this sector.

How Do Packers-Movers Apps Work?

The packers and movers app offer plenty of services to their customers. We need to understand what working architecture they have followed to fulfill their user’s needs.

Packer and Movers’ app working depends on; customer, driver, and admin. First, the customer registers them via mail id, or from social media accounts. Once they log in to the application, they can find the service which is required.

Packers and movers app offer multiple options to move like shifting household items, office furniture, clothes, books, etc as per their customers’ choice. After requesting service, packers and movers are notified about it. Once the request is accepted, the customer will be prompted to pay from different payment options. They can pay via any suitable options. That’s it, the service provider will do the rest of the task. The process is that easy. Customers can track the driver’s arrival in real-time via the app.

Driver’s login via their id, and check for any of the current requests arriving from the customer end. If they are near the location, they can accept the request and proceed to the location.

Admin has the authority to view all of the activities and manage the app accordingly. Admin is the service provider and they can always plan for something unique to deliver to their users.

The complete working process of the app should be flexible to the users and the drivers. If your app delivers smooth services to them they can give their valuable reviews and ratings on the app, which will be important for your business and market value.

Market & Growth Stats


  • The revenue in the industry of ‘household and office goods moving’ is going to reach $17.5B by the year 2027.
  • The global logistics market is estimated to reach $12975.6B by the end of 2027 with a current CAGR of 6.5%.
  • Singapore freight and logistic market faced a prominent growth of 5% in the period 2021-2026 with the revenue projected to be $6.8B.
  • Logistics services are used for offering different categories including equipment, inventory, food, materials, and liquids.
  • Logistics key players in Singapore’s logistics industry are United Parcel Service, Deutsche Post DHL Group, Nippon Express Co. Ltd, and many more.
  • In March 2021, Collins Aerospace was awarded to support global logistics and supply chain companies.

These above high-volume figures may inspire many of the industry leaders in on-demand movers app development to expand their business globally. But, how can they give valuable services to the customers? Next, we need to understand that.

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Major Services Provided by the Packers & Movers Mobile App

Professional Movers services:

When you need to shift all of your household items or a few chosen items, then a relocation service app comes into the picture. There are mobile apps that have partnered with packers & movers service providers. This way users can get the best one for themselves, which meets all of their relocation needs.

Relocation service app development makes it easier for the end-user to make limited shifts.

Office-Shifting Services:

Office-related products, like personal computers, hardware equipment, gadgets, and other sensitive stuff can be transferred through packers & movers apps dedicated to office shifting. They are quite in demand, as they are extremely effective at transferring goods while they can also manage coordination and stockpiling activities.

Goods & Transport Services:

A few clicks are all that is needed to transport goods like furniture, cars, heavyweight items, industrial cranes with packers & movers mobile apps. Shifting goods is now easily within the city as well as outside the city.

Market Leaders

The industry of packers and movers is packed up with huge, and interesting applications. Picking up one is like an irksome task. To relieve this stress, we have figured out some of the leaders in the domain of apps for movers and packers.

  1. Zoopla: Zoopla is introduced as a one-pack solution for home finder services. Users can find a place of their choice in a new place without any stress. Just enter the details and the Zoopla app fetches out the best home price estimates. Whether you want to buy a home for yourself or want to sell the property this app is best in serving accurate cost evaluation. This app gives step by step guide for your home selling
  2. Dolly: Dolly is an all-in-one packers and movers app that gives you a fast, affordable way to pick up a home of your choice at the new place. This app is serving its customers across US cities. The best services you will get using this app are finding the retail store delivery, apartment moves, pick-ups, small businesses move, junk removal from inside the home, finding out the best furniture near you. Dolly app is best in delivering moving utilities across the cities.
  3. Moving Planner: This app helps you to move anything from one place to another. Their useful moving planner and checklists help you to prepare a better plan before moving to a different place. It’s better to start your planning before 4-6 weeks.
  4. Shyft Moving: Shyft moving app transforms the entire moving experience of their users in real-time with their intuitive interface. They have offered an array of features inside the app to make everything convenient for their users at home. Virtual walks can give them real-life experiences without any home visits. Their intelligent AI bot Benji is a helping hand for complete inventory with 95% accuracy. With over 500+ qualified mover and packers presence, users can find budget-friendly budget-friendly services.
  5. Moving App – Moving Checklist: This app includes several unique features to offer its customers. You can plan all-purpose moving tasks with this app. Moving checklist organizers help users to prepare their customized plans. Other key features and important links provide various moving information. Users can pin up self reminders via emails or audio records. This app is primarily designed for US customers, for moving services, storage facilities, and others for users’ next home.


On-demand moving app development serves lucrative services to their customers. But wait, have you ever thought about how these industries play a successful journey for so long. Of course, they have followed some of the best business models to transform their values across the globe. What are those models? Let’s check out below.

What Business Models Can Add Value to Your Business?

Every industry should adopt a fast, reliable business model to give valuable outputs to its users. An efficient and effective model could help retain your potential customers and leverage the business context. Business models are mainly divided into two categories:

1. Dedicated Model: This business model is adopted by the companies who are owners of the packers and movers domain. They offer plenty of services to their customers and generate revenue using this model. For this, they have invested in a good packer and mover app relevant to their business specifications.

2. Aggregator Model: This business model is for startups and entrepreneurs who do not have any business in this domain but want to build a reliable application for the users. For this, they tie-up with the service providers and mutually offer valuable services to the customers.

Business models add USP to the businesses while earning profits is also equally important to run the business for long. Monetization models provide helpful ways for the service providers in expanding their business growth. We need to understand them one by one.

Monetization Models

A company generates a great source of income and revenue for their business, helps them to identify their success. Different monetization models are uniquely built for each customer segment. Let’s understand what they are and how they add profit to the businesses.

Commissions: In this model, service providers earn part of a commission for services they have offered to the customers. This model is a great way to gain a good amount of revenue for the business.

Featured Listing: In this model, the premium and best services are aligned at the top of the home page as featured. All of the best services are listed in the featured listing section, easy for the users to quickly check their relevant service, and also a handsome method to drive good money for the services providers.

Both of the methods are equally important for the purpose to gain more revenues for the businesses.

Developing a premium-featured packers & movers mobile app won’t be an easy deal, requiring comprehensive research on the part of the business as well as on the development team. So, here we discuss the basic and crucial features which a packers & movers app must have.

General Features required to develop Packer & Movers App

User Panel:


  • Registration: It is the first section where users register in the app via email ID, Facebook ID, or OTP signup process.
  • View & Edit Profile: Users have the privilege to view and edit their profiles just as they like. Any information or profile picture can be updated by them. Besides, they can also alter the privacy settings according to their comfort.
  • Request Survey: A request for the survey can be made by users before they initiate shifting. This is the right way to let your service provider know about goods & materials which need transferring.
  • Set Pickup & Drop-off Location: You can set your pickup location, from where goods need to be dispatched, and also the destination address. This way the whole shifting ecosystem becomes quite hassle-free.
  • Receive Notifications: Notifications are received by users regarding the assigned driver’s status, arrival time, etc. Information is also sent regarding the latest offers and deals via notifications.
  • Sent Request: In this section, users can view the requests they made to avail of the services. Users can send a request as well as contact a service provider whenever required.
  • Payment Section: Users are enabled to make online payments via internet banking, credit/debit cards, etc. e-wallet apps once they have finalized upon terms and conditions in concern of shifting.
  • Track Your Drivers: Driver profile can be viewed by the users, while they can also track his location along with vehicle number as that minimizes arrival time.
  • Order History: Users can view orders they placed regarding the shifting of various goods. This way they can keep a track of items that are moved to a different location.
  • Driver’s Ratings & Reviews: Give ratings and reviews to the driver as per the experience. Like, it comprises his behavior, time of arrival, service quality, and other factors.

Admin Panel:

  • Dashboard & Panels: This page dedicated to admin is from where he can manage entire activities, orders, panels related to drivers & users to accomplish requests within the set timeline.
  • Manage Customers: From here the user accounts can be tracked and managed, like the order requests, pending orders associated with these accounts.
  • Manage Drivers: All the drivers, on-duty or off-duty, can be managed and their schedules can also be planned accordingly like which order request shall be assigned to which driver.
  • Add/Remove Drivers: Drivers can be added, removed, or blocked according to the behavior of drivers, time taken to deliver services, and the number of orders completed by them.
  • Payment Manager: This section is where payments made by patients, payments yet pending with COD requests can be tracked and managed.
  • Fuel Usage: The fuel consumption ratio for vehicles engaged in shifting & relocation tasks can be verified easily by the managers from this page.
  • Performance Analysis & Vehicle Maintenance: Decisions regarding service and maintenance of vehicles are made by the admin looking through the distance the vehicles have covered, fleet performance, and average fuel consumption.
  • Reporting & Analytics: There is proper storage of data concerning orders, payments, location covered, and it can be further processed to find out any specific information if required.
  • Manage Notification: Notifications regarding order confirmation, offers/discounts, orders completed, etc. which need to be sent to users and drivers are individually managed.
  • GPS Tracking & Scoring: Routes that drivers take are tracked in real-time. Then, as per the behavior of drivers, the number of steps taken, and the time taken, the relevant score is assigned to drivers.

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Driver Panel:

  • Registration: In this section, the drivers have to register to the app via their email ID or social media platform. Then they can view pickup locations and destinations that users have assigned.
  • View/Edit Profile: According to their convenience, drivers will be able to edit & view profiles. The number of tasks completed along with other details related to the vehicle can be updated by them.
  • View History: Heading to this page, users can view no. of received orders, pending, and completed along with pickup & drop locations. Thus keeping a track of past orders.
  • Receive Payments: This section shows the payment received from users upon order completion, as soon as the goods are transferred to the desired location.

Advanced Features

Integrating these significant features can make your on-demand movers app appeal to a great number of users and accomplish immense success in the long run.


  • Marketing & Promotional Tools: Users are constantly notified regarding promotional offers, thus increasing business visibility while the users also stay attentive and are encouraged to use your service.
  • Online Invoicing & Billing Facility: Goods that have been shifted at their destinations are entered in the invoice generated manually or online. Thus, goods transferring associated with individual shifting is noted down. This eases the billing process and makes it transparent, allowing users to generate an online invoice.
  • Fixing Day for Survey/ Planning: Proper planning needs to be done to move a large number of goods & materials from one place to another. Authenticated proofs are needed while goods are handed over to a service provider. Thus, a date can be fixed by the users with the service provider to transfer the goods.

Other features such as Fare Calculator, Cash Payment, Payroll manager, help & support, logbook, time-tracker, etc. can be integrated to craft a feature-rich and excellent mobile app.


Technologies Stack Required for Packers & Movers Mobile App Development:

To create a robust packers & movers mobile app, one must implement sophisticated IT infrastructure. As the app development process comprises numerous steps thus the implementation of the right technology is greatly important.

Cloud-Based Environment: Cloud technology capably manages entire data in an extremely secure manner. Data related to users, order requests, shifting, and payment details are stored on the cloud, thus making business workflow seamless.

Push Notification: This technology is immensely useful in increasing business visibility & user interaction with the app. Even the users can be constantly updated regarding various offers, deals, and other services.

Communication Channels: Users should be provided with a transparent platform to share crucial information such as a delivery address, proximate landmarks, estimated arrival time, delays, and other things related to shifting purposes. In-App calls and messaging are greatly helpful for this purpose and hence Firebase framework will work best. Meanwhile, for iOS devices, Apple Push Notification Service comes useful.

Database Design: Latest technologies like PostgreSQL and Cassandra can be used to develop sound and robust back-end infrastructure. Frameworks like JavaScript & Python also work wonders. Meanwhile, the commonly used tools & technologies are Kafka Software, Amazon S3, GraphWalker, Google Cloud, and Dataproc.

GPS Tracking: Global Positioning System (GPS) has a huge role to play in this kind of app. Drivers can take the help of maps to find the destination and miles they need to cover. Besides, real-time information can also be updated for users and admin, thus keeping them informed of proceedings. Google Maps are most commonly used while for iOS mobile apps MapKit can be chosen.

Payment: Numerous payment gateways are offered to users, such as Stripe, Braintree, PayPal’s Mobile SDK, Apple Pay, making payments flexible yet simple. Users can choose to pay using Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Wallets, NetBanking, and even COD.

  • Real-Time Analytics – BigData, Hadoop, Apache Flink, Spark, Cisco, and IBM
  • Cloud Environment – AWS, Google, and Azure
  • Database – MySql, MongoDB, Postgres, Cassandra, and Hbase
  • Navigation– Google Map
  • Push Notifications – Twilio,
  • Payments – Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, and EWallets
  • SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification – Nexmo, Twilio

Required Team Structure for Packers & Movers Mobile App Development:

Building an application from scratch is a tedious task. Assigning expert developers can only make your application stable and responsive. The team of professionals is best in serving relevant features and advanced services. A right pack of the team should have:


Project Manager: To assure a smooth handling of the entire project and coordinating with the development team. Starting from scratch to the end he is responsible for the full support as per the project needs.

Front-end developer: The development of the project is ongoing as per the role of the front-end developer, using the onsite knowledge of various languages including HTML, CSS, Javascript, and many others.

Back-end developers: They are responsible for creating a bunch of applications via the use of intrinsic programming languages like Python, Angular, React, Kotlin, and many others for successful applications.

Database handler engineer: Without storage, we can’t imagine applications. To handle the storage for the easy performance of the real-time data, database engineers are needed. They have used MongoDB, MySQL, ApexSQL server, and many others.

Quality analysts: They are responsible for performing any bug or error inside the application and hand it over to the developer to resolve such issues.

Always invest a good amount of time in taking development teams either from in-house or you can outsource them as per the requirements of your app. This will help you to estimate the approximate cost of the project.

Cost of Packers & Movers Mobile App Development:

The team to develop packers and movers mobile apps comprise proficient developers, designers, and testers. Collecting all of their efforts the cost would be measured on three key factors: complexity, the number of dedicated platforms, and the region (as every country has its specific budget).

  • India-based developers: $10-$80 per hour
  • U.S.A. based developers: $50-$220 per hour
  • Eastern-Europe based developers: $30-$180 per hour

Calculating the overhead costs, it is expected that an average packers and movers mobile app will cost around $30,000 to $50,000. For a more advanced featured app, the cost will rise to $70,000. Meanwhile, spending that amount on the app’s features surely guarantees success.


The consistent growth in the market of Packers and Movers shows a greater picture for the new businesses to have their applications. Hopefully, in this blog, you have understood the detailed knowledge of making this app. So, if you are planning to create your applications, then you are in the right place. Here in Octal Info Solution, we have covered a wide range of successful applications for the entire domain of packers and movers. Our tech-savvy team will be very excited to convert your idea into a journey of success. So why wait, get started today.


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