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Cost & Features : e-Prescription Mobile App Development


In today’s world, efficient and effective decision-making is required in every field. In the medical field too, it is necessary as it enhances the reputation of the medical providers. That is where the e-prescription mobile app development industries are helping out medical providers in making the workflow flawless and smooth.

Normal human errors can put someone’s life at risk. There might be an understanding gap between the provider and the pharmacist and handwriting may get misinterpreted. But with this app, the gap is reduced and a connection is struck between the provider and pharmacist that supports interpretability in the healthcare ecosystem. In this way, the total time is taken by pharmacists to understand the handwriting is reduced. As the pharmacists easily understand the handwriting, the error related to a patient’s health is reduced.

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Why Is e-Prescription Software Needed?

In traditional times people were waiting in a long queue, to consult the doctor. It takes a lot of time. Doctors prescribe the medicine on paper. But, that was difficult to understand by the pharmacist and put people’s health at risk.

Sometimes doctors ask patients to visit the healthcare center more than a time if the prescriptions were written on paper then it could fade away easily. A hard copy prescription is not a convenient and lifelong way to keep. So to overcome this use of the electronic method will be a good choice.

E-prescription software development solution is an electronic method to reduce the risk of errors that were earlier happening. Also, this method effectively builds the communication between the doctors, pharmacist, and the patient.

What Is Prescription Writing Software?

Prescription writing software is your best partner to send directly your prescription order to the pharmacy. This software is used by pharmacists, healthcare professionals, and patients.

The use of such software increases patient satisfaction, reduces dosage errors, and simplifies the total medication workflow. It is a convenient way to facilitate communication for medical practice and pharmacy.

  • Avoid Prescription Error: Autogenerated drug names, dosages, and prices would be easier to understand.
  • Insurance Verification: The medical description autosaves the privileges, drug history, and medical history to take further decisions.
  • Automated Clinical Decisions: The medications are always recorded within the app, so it’s easy for the physicians to prescribe the drug.
  • Eco-friendly Method: E-prescription methods are reduced paper usage makes it an eco-friendly option to choose from.
  • Faster Medical Services: Suppose, you would get sick twice a month. In that situation, you need to repeat the same prescription.

Using the digital prescription, your physician quickly prescribes your drug. This can save your time and energy.

Market & Growth Stats of e-Prescription Mobile App Development


  • The global e-prescription services market stats are projected to reach 3.3B by 2025 with a CAGR of 23.3%.
  • Global key market players are Epic Systems Corporation, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, NextGen Healthcare, and many more.
  • As per the World Bank Data, Singapore spends 4.7% of its GDP on the pharmaceutical industry and is anticipated to grow with a CAGR of 6.40% by the year 2030.
  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Singapore market holds 6th position in the healthcare industry in the world.
  • Singapore market key players are Novartis International AG, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Merck Sharp & Dohme, and many others.

These extraordinary figures would trigger new investors to supply more healthcare solutions to the industry. For this, they have to reach out to some good mobile app-building companies that can implement surreal features into the app.

A good medical prescription app development company shares with you an ecosystem of an e-prescription mobile app. We are best in giving promising solutions to our clients, so for any detail, you can reach out to us.

As of now, we have read about the crucial market stats of this industry, let’s understand the ecosystems.


An Ecosystem of e-Prescription Mobile Apps

A smooth and customized e-prescription mobile app serves everyone who is using it. Let’s see how?

  • Healthcare Consultants: They can keep, track, share the records of the patients available online on the mobile app. It is a secure way to assess the data.
  • Pharmacists: They can easily deliver their services to patients using e-prescription apps.
  • Hospital and the Caretaker: By having digital prescription software, it is easier for the hospital centers to get a detailed history of their patients and serve their services to them more accurately.
  • Physicians: These apps help physicians to cure their patients more accurately. It helps to fetch the previous prescription of the patient. Physicians can save and share the prescription with the pharmacy.
  • Patients: They are the ones who get the maximum benefit from e-prescriptions. This app helps the patient not to secure their old prescriptions. While when they want to get the medicines, they can share their prescriptions with the pharmacist to save their time.

An electronic prescription app development is made up of many useful features to perform better functionality.

Let’s check out below the important features to prepare the complete mobile app for different panels.

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General Features of e-Prescription Mobile App Development

The medical industry transformed a lot in recent years, businesses who want to enter into this domain, require to keep this in mind. They should focus on giving some quintessential features to give more shine into the app.


For Doctors

  • Access Medicine Database: Using the software, doctors can fetch the patient’s data by applying filters like drug name, specialty, alphabetical order, and others.
  • Dose Calculator: This calculator helps the doctor to find out the required dosage for the individual patient.
  • Receive Alerts: The doctor receives regular updates for any appointment, dosage time, and many other things.
  • Known Allergies: Doctors get to know about the patient’s allergy if any, before consulting them with any medication.
  • Electronically Send the Prescriptions: Doctor prescription app development helps to send the digital prescription to the pharmacy management system. If the refill is available, the pharmacists can revert them electronically.
  • Reduce the Error in Prescriptions: The software keeps a record of every prescription, and this restricts the chances of any error that could happen in the future. If there are different prescriptions for one drug in the same class, then it generates alerts in that case.
  • Re-prescribing: Using a single click, the e-prescription can be generated again.
  • Patient Prescription History: This includes all of the medical histories of the patients. The drug can be searched using filters like drug name, date, status, etc.

For Healthcare Workers

  • Medication History: This allows the healthcare team to know about the detailed history of the patient, their drug consumption, and dosage as per the time.
  • Medication Dose: Using this section, the workers know clearly about the previous and current dosage of the patient. They use dosage calculators to get the exact estimations.
  • Known Allergies: This panel gives a brief about the allergy of the patient. It’s better to know about allergies before than to take extra precautions.
  • Medication Timing: This keeps notifying the caretakers or nurses about the medicines of their patients.
  • Refill Requests: In case, there is a shortage of medicines, the nurses send alert messages to their respective pharmacists.


For Pharmacists

  • Patient Details: All information about the patient is available in this section.
  • Doctor’s Details: Doctor complete information with other details including current e-prescription, patient status, records, documents, etc are present in the app.
  • Prescription: The prescription is available in digital format.
  • Known Allergies: Prepare the drug prescription, once you know about the allergies.
  • New Order Request: New orders requests via the app.
  • Track Your Order: This section allows you to track your order status.
  • Drug Database: This contains the complete information of the drug database. Using the filters like class, drug names, specialty, etc the database can be sorted.
  • Online Payments: Payment integration is an easy way to collect the amount raised by the patient via different modes including UPI mode, e-wallets apps, COD, Paytm, etc.

For Out-Patients

  • Upload Test Reports: The patient can upload their reports on this panel, and get the relevant medication from the pharmacist.
  • Check Prescription: This allows the patient to cross-verify their prescription from anywhere.
  • Prescription History: In the dashboard, prescription history is available. The patient can share this with another physician for more consultation.
  • Medication: Patients can view their medication later.
  • Place an Order: Patients allow placing orders for their medicines.
  • Payment Details: This section is integrated with many payment options including e-wallets, PayPal, cod, debit/credit card, UPI, etc.
  • Dashboard: This panel offers complete information like physician information, insurance details, current e-prescription, patient status, etc.
  • View Insurance Coverage: Insurance coverage, co-pay, and others are available for the patient.

Advanced Features

The medicine prescription app development industry is exponentially growing in recent years. This is due to the advanced futuristic involvement of technologies and features in the existing or newly built apps. Features like automated refills, documentation management of patient medication in the database, real-time tracking improve the risk-free medication, etc. strengthens the relationship between pharmacy, healthcare physician, and patient.


  • Social Login/ Signup: Including this feature inside makes an easy login process. Patients, pharmacists, healthcare experts, or caretakers all can sign up using social media or manual login methods.
  • Document Management: Important documents are arranged and secured in a single place inside the app. Healthcare experts and pharmacists would see patients’ documents to check their complete history.
  • Document Scanner: This important feature allows the patient or the affiliated pharmacist to upload their photo and signature using a document scanner.
  • Drug Management Database: The drug management database consists of the complete count of the drugs available in the stock. If some drug is expired or out of stock in that case a quick request is a trigger to the pharmacist.
  • CRM Integration: CRM feature facilitates good service with the patient. This feature allows to track the customer choice and search preference to deliver the best services in the market.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Statistics belonging to the user acquisition can be monitored with the real-time analytics feature. The stats include graphs, pie charts, histograms, to give nice clarification of the market.

Various reports help to derive better marketing strategies and operations.

Artificial Intelligence and E Prescription Software

With the involvement of Artificial Intelligence, the prescription writing app development industry becomes fast. It gives an edge and new possibilities to this industry. AI is the need of the hour, build with top prior services including:

Easier for Reading: AI is itself a brain. It helps to easily read any handwritten prescription earlier. This can extract the past data of the patient and give clear information of the patient to prescribe them the relevant drugs.
Faster Solutions: AI bridges the faster needs of the end-users. It makes a reliable solution to communicate between the physicians, pharmacists, and patients. AI research leads to the better advancement of the services in less time.
Build Use Cases: AI and ML solutions are top in the technology to predicting any future outcomes based on the current market trends.
Virtual Appointments: It can be possible using the AI, helps to conduct virtual appointments without any hassle to stand in the queue.

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AI is constituted with an array of domains such as image processing, data analysis, machine learning, data visualization, voice search, and robotic automation processing, all combined scope for a great future to the e-prescription industry.

Tech Stack

The right mix of technological stacks always puts you in front of your customers. This includes:

  • For Programming: Python, React, Java, Android SDK, HTML, CSS
  • For EHR Integration: HIPPA, HL7 compliance, EPA (Electronic prior organization) Integration
  • For Performance Monitoring: Relic
  • For Project Management: Confluence.
  • For Testing Error: JIRA
  • For Code Merging: GitHub
  • For Technical Support: HipChat

Required Team Structure of e-Prescription Mobile App Development

The e-prescription app development team plays an important role in creating a successful value-driven app.


  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Code Developer Front End and Back End
  • DevOps
  • Ui/Ux Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Quality Analyst
  • Testing Expert

Cost of e-Prescription Mobile App Development

The cost of development mainly depends on app features, app complexity, use of modern technologies, team structure, developer and designer cost, any third-party API integration, location of the company, and others.

Considering all of the factors, the basic features-oriented project costs around $30k-$50k, while with the use of advanced features the project cost goes to $70k.

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Final Thoughts!

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