iOS 9.2 – What’s New

After pushing a series of beta versions, Apple has finally released the official update of iOS. As seen in the beta versions, iOS 9.2 is more about fixing and resolving issues than adding more features to the host of applications. So if you are noticing some niggles with your current iOS, the new update may solve them without taking a toll on your data. Although the update size is dependent on devices, it should be approximately 300 MB.

The update is released for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch operating systems.

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5 Absolutely Important Things to Consider Before Making an App

In a week’s time your smartphones and digital clocks will show “2016”, marking the presence of the New Year. You must have planned a lot of things to do in the year, starting right from resolutions (which are so hard to stick with, aren’t they?).

If one of your plans includes developing a new application, 2016 is the right time to dive in- thanks to the ever-increasing penetration of smartphones and tablets, especially in developing economies. (The right time has always been and will always be NOW.)

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Google May Introduce a New Artificial Intelligence Project

Here we have another interesting piece of news for the Google lovers. Buzz has that Google is gearing up to introduce a new artificial intelligence project that’s currently in the works. At the moment, the company is working on a new messaging app that uses artificial intelligence to provide users with answers to search queries.

As of now there are no details regarding the execution of the messaging service, though chatbots are certain to play a significant role. The ultimate motive behind this move seems to boost user engagement with chatbots, as another way of accessing search results and other information.

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Glancing through the best of technology of 2015!

The world of technology is full of surprises. It’s never stuck on just one thing as it’s always moving forth, introducing new gadgets, new software updates and it goes on and on. Well, as we glance over 2015, this was indeed a year that stretched far beyond smartphones and laptops. Not only we saw Android smartphones going a step ahead and catch up to the iPhone with premium materials and powerful cameras, but there were hoverboards, more affordable drones and the most impressive among them was certainly consumer VR. Among the wearables, smart-watches were conventional with fashionable styles and intuitive use cases.

Below is the list of most remarkable tech products of the year, excelling within their product categories delivering on value, quality and function.

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Web Design

What Makes Graphic Design a Significant Part of Web Design

Following are some of the amazing facts about the human brain:

– 90% of information transmitted to your brain is visuals.
– 40% people respond better to visuals as compared to text.
– Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text.

So the point is visuals or graphics play a major role in grabbing good response from customers’ end. Years back, the skills required for being a web designer were language-based. But now, the skills have been updated to “innovative designing skill”. Writing a code for any site is somewhat simple, but offering appealing and intuitive designs is the science of innovative ideas.

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iOS, News

Do You Know 800 People are Working on iPhone Camera?

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was recently a part of the CBS show “60 Minutes” and while in conversation with Charlie Rose, he revealed some interesting facts. Well, Apple’s camera has always been liked by the users and all of them absolutely loved capturing from it. Now you would be glad to know that a lot of brain work goes into it. It has been divulged that around 800 people are solely dedicated to working on the iPhone’s camera and the team comprise of “engineers and other specialists”, led by Graham Townsend, who took Rose on a tour of the camera testing lab.

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Android, News

Android Phone Users Can Now Use Android Pay

It’s merry time for Android smartphone users as now all of them will have an access to Android Pay, that is equivalent of NFC payment via your smartphone. The announcement was made on the official blog for Android.

To put it in an easy and more understandable manner, Android Pay is Google’s mobile equivalent of Apple Pay. However, there is a little tweak here as Apple Pay is currently integrated with Touch ID, and it only works with iPhones that have NFC. Thus, iPhone 5S and older than that, don’t get to do NFC payment. You just have to tap the Phone on the NFC payment reader, available only for certain retailers and opt for the payment method desired by you – whether it be credit, debit or even your cashless wallet for certain merchants. However that depends on whether Android or Apple has any partnership with these wallets.

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Questions You Must Answer Before Developing First Android App

Android is one of the renowned products of the tech giant, Google. If sources are to be believed, then over the globe, nearly 85% of all digital gadgets are running on the Android platform.
So, it is obvious that with such a high count of users, the need of applications with multi-functionality also comes into consideration. Presently, users are allotted to opt from a vast 1.6 million apps.

Being a newbie in Android application development, there is always a query within your mind that “how should I start developing my first Android app or what things I must know before starting the coding part for the app”. Below are a few facts that must be known before developing your first Android application.

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News, WordPress

WordPress Undergoes an Overhaul; New WordPress Interface is out There

After more than a decade, WordPress has finally undergone a revamp. Among the major changes, there were code reworks as well as the decade old PHP framework of this hosting platform for blogs and websites has also seen a change. Codenamed Calypso (the new admin interface of WordPress) has decided to let go of PHP, thus forming an alliance with JavaScript using libraries like Node and React for the technical advancement.

Since its inception in 2003, WordPress had been functioning well and it was the favorite of millions of online users owing to its free tools, plugging and themes. It has successfully captured the web CMS market with ease. Based on b2/cafelog software, this hosting platform soon gained prominence as the most significant PHP framework for websites capturing one-fourth of the web market.

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Mobile Apps

Top 5 Mobile Application Testing Tips

With the world moving from desktop to mobile device, the number of mobile applications being developed is increasing day to day. With the increasing count of mobile applications in the App Store (be it Google Play Store or Apple iTunes Store) the prior thing that needs to be done is mobile application testing. Mobile application development always requires a testing phase which is required to be performed before giving the green signal for using the app. But what points are to be remembered while running a mobile app testing. Following are the points that need to be overlooked before confirming any app for the mobile users.

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