Leading Trends In CRM Software For 2021

Customers are the core of your business. Businesses have made a major shift from being product-centric to customer-centric. Along with working on the products, one needs to focus on customers. Times are changing and for CRM software users this means introducing new technologies and new ways to work with this basic business tool. 

In the past, we have seen some great developments that have set some great landmarks in the history of customer relationship building. 

CRM software is one of the leading software markets globally, and its growth won’t be slowing down. Following CRM software development trends, it is expected to reach more than $80 billion in revenues by 2025.

What will be new in 2021? Let’s look at the biggest CRM future trends that every business manager should be well aware of for a promising ROI.

More mobile web software solutions

Modern CRM systems are web software that can be used on any connected device, regardless of the type and size of its screen. As the work with the software via smartphones and tablets grows exponentially, the developers are oriented towards the creation of systems, all functionalities of which are used as conveniently and productively as possible on mobile smart devices. The focus is gradually shifting from desktops and tablets to them.

Employees will be able to work perfectly with the software, whether they are in the office, on a plane, or in a cafe. Another major advantage is the use of the system more comprehensively. For example, when a technician installs or maintains an appliance in a customer’s home or office, he can take advantage of the data available in it immediately. With complete desktop independence, web CRM software trends in 2021 will become more flexible than ever before. Since we have just entered the mobile software, employees find it quite difficult to adopt and use the software.

Growth of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

CRM systems produce huge amounts of data and this can sometimes make decisions difficult. And here comes artificial intelligence, a set of technologies that include machine learning, predictive analysis, and large database analysis. It changes virtually all areas of business – from marketing to customer service. In 2021, artificial intelligence is expected to be increasingly integrated into CRM software in different ways depending on the needs of business users. Here’re a few examples.

CRM systems based on artificial intelligence will be able to recommend specific products to customers individually, taking into account a wide range of data, including buying habits, market trends, and demographics. This will happen in real-time, regardless of whether the user is in the company’s online store or in its real store. Artificial intelligence can also help build marketing campaigns by making the return on investment from investing in different approaches and methods more accurate.

Higher level of automation

While artificial intelligence receives the most attention, we should not forget another major trend in the development of web CRM software, which is related to it – automation and its use to perform basic operations related to customer relationship management. Interestingly, it is the customers who are the “engine” of automation. More and more consumers feel comfortable making fully automated purchases and receiving automatic customer service. A recent survey shows that over 50% of participants prefer online chat with a company representative to a phone conversation. As the target audience of most brands rejuvenates, this trend is expected to intensify.

The automation of the service takes over the sphere of sales from company to company. Managers increasingly prefer a fast automated purchase process without long conversations with a sales representative. Basic operations, such as sending emails confirming the purchase and emails with offers for new products, are expected to become fully automated soon.

All this means that automation will be of paramount importance for all stages of the sales cycle, so CRM software will always deliver the right message at the right time to the right user. Due to the direct performance of most technical tasks by the system itself, marketers and sales professionals, and managers will be able to focus on developing more creative and effective solutions to increase revenue and loyalty.

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Simplified CRM systems

The simpler a CRM system is, the lower the cost of its implementation and use. At the same time, this allows for a maximum increase in productivity at an early stage. Team members must be able to easily use and export data. To this end, the CRM system must have the most intuitive interface, user-friendly tools, summary dashboards, and a simplified reference process.

Offering a more user-friendly experience will be a leader in the development of web software for customer relationship management in 2021. Marketing, sales, and after-sales are increasingly integrated and this should be reflected in CRM systems and in the way employees work with them. The ideal option is for one customer to be served by one employee at all stages of the sale.


Another important prerequisite for simplifying the work with CRM software is its use not only by marketing and sales professionals. The range of users of this system is expanding. The company’s product developers can use sales data to create new items. Financiers can find information that is useful in budgeting. Managers can detect new market trends, determine the most effective among employees, and make comprehensive forecasts for business development. It should be equally easy for all these user groups to find and export the data they need.

Closer integration with external tools

One of the main issues in the development of web CRM software is whether it includes as many additional functionalities or to integrate with other tools. With the development of cloud technologies, the introduction of new business tools is becoming easier, which requires any newly created software to be able to integrate seamlessly with other systems such as ERP. At the moment we are still at the dawn of intelligent synchronization between different platforms. In the future, it will be possible for all individual customer data to be synchronized between the company’s CRM, accounting, and ERP software, as well as between them and its website or online store.

Currently, CRM systems are receiving more and more functionality and integrations. It is predicted that as software solutions become better at talking to each other, companies will use a variety of applications and services to build custom technologies based on their CRM platform. This will increase the efficiency of web software and data generation and use, which in turn will increase sales.

Better collaboration between software users

The sharing economy is not just about cars, holiday cottages, or suitcases, it is also fundamental to business. When information from CRM software is shared in an environment with many different users, it becomes more valuable. While customer relationship management systems have always been available to all authorized employees, real-time collaboration is a relatively new trend.


Knowledge sharing and collaboration within CRM systems are increasing, mainly due to the growing virtualization of the workforce. The main idea is to improve communication and relationships with consumers through the ability of different professionals to analyze data and exchange views simultaneously. This can help to plan marketing campaigns more effectively, improve sales, and improve maintenance. When we have the integration of CRM software with additional technological tools, the collaboration can become even stronger.

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Finding the Right CRM Software Development Partner

When it comes to adapting to the new CRM Software Development trends, it becomes important to hire a team of experts who can take care of your business from time to time. We can always reach back to reliable and competent software development partners. The web application development partners can help you lay a strong impact in the market. 

When you reach the CRM Software service provider you would enjoy the advantages of the latest technology with concise and well-developed solutions. Outsourcing also has another advantage which is cost-cutting. If you want to save money, just reach out to the third-party developers who are well-acquainted with the process and can make it easier for you to study your customers well. You need not worry about updating and maintaining the software as your tech partners can do it easily. 

Thus while the development company takes care of your software you can focus on your product. 


In 2021 and beyond, web CRM software will become “smarter” and the level of automation will continue to grow. It will be easier to use not only by sales, marketing, and service specialists but also by others in the company’s team. With increasing integration with other software tools and collaboration within the CRM system, companies will achieve higher sales and expand and engage their loyal customer audience better.

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