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To What Extent A Designer should have the Knowledge of Coding?

In the IT industry, this question is often raised that how beneficial it is if designers come with a slight knowledge of coding. A good number of designers protest the discipline swap while its advocates are open to try their hands in different streams. Needless to mention that designing and coding are the two ends of a truck and started getting into the ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ of coding. A big group of people favors the discovery of excellence in a specific field; however, another group puts forth the list of benefits of being cognizant in two streams.

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What makes Node.js so Prominent?

Needless to say Node.js is truly the most popular web application out there, so much so that it outdoes other web applications by replacing websockets with revolutionary push technology. So what is so wonderful about them? Well, the answer is quite simple if you just dig a little. There is this cutting-edge web application with two-way, real-time connections allowing both the server and client build communication and it allows exchanging valuable data. So this simply is distinguished to the conventional web response paradigm where the communication is initiated by the client.

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What makes Swift Programming Language absolutely amazing?

In the presence of numerous programming languages, Swift is a modern programming language announced by Apple Inc. With this, Swift has attempted to offer a direct solution to all problems that every day users come across. This is pretty fast and goes very well with collection. Having a safer design approach, Swift has come up with a system addressing common programming errors such as pointers. This has a syntax which is way faster and works really well with collection just as a shot. It’s well-featured with generics, multiple return types, closures and type interface and this way it empowers Cocoa and Cocoa touch development.

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Several Aspects to be Taken Care of during PHP Programming

Among the numerous scripting languages out there, PHP development enjoys huge prominence among the developers looking for effective measures to make their website look appealing with great functionality. PHP enables web developers to design enticing web pages. However, the fact remains that no matter how efficient or supreme a developer you are, there are chances of you making a few common mistakes as the process of website development goes on.

Here we talk about certain aspects that need to be taken care of during the creation of a website to ensure fast functionality and easy multitasking.

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Why WordPress is Right for E-commerce?

WordPress comes across more as a CMS (Content Management System), and you might be at loss seeing it as a viable option for E-commerce. We won’t blame you. It is really difficult to justify a free and open-source software as a serious contender for a large-scale and hugely profitable (this is what you must be aiming at) website.

Launched as a blogging platform (, it has come a long way. Now, this publishing platform is powering websites of some of the well-known companies such as Walt Disney, Sony Music, Best Buy etc. But, how viable a platform like WordPress is for a full-blown E-commerce website? If I need to answer this question in one line, I will say, “It is not only a viable but a perfect and fully functional alternative. Period.”

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Amazing web design trends to go by to surge ahead of the competition!

Today web design holds extreme significance in the digital world and constant efforts are being made in the direction of making websites much simpler in terms of user interface and way easier for an ultimate user experience. There are a few web design trends that designers must be aware of so that they succeed in binding audience’s interest towards the website.

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Effective debugging tricks for the .NET developers!

It’s a common doing for a developer to devote fine quantum of time in daily activities to debug the code, recognize the actual reason of defect and ultimately find a solution for it. During the process, you might come across few bugs which are easily identified and solved, but some of them are so intricate that they take quite a long time to even come into knowledge of a developer. This leads to a developer spending an excess amount of time on debugging than writing an actual piece of code.

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