New Trends In Online Sales

The Coronavirus Epidemic Has Brought New Trends In Online Sales

The year 2020 could mark a turning point in e-commerce: online sales have played a larger role than ever before as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, with 50,000 new online shoppers entering the domestic market. Professionals, traders, and analysts are now most concerned about whether this expansion is sustainable. What trends have emerged that […]

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Why Load Testing is Crucial For the Success of any Application or Website?

Once the mammoth task of app creation is successfully accomplished, next comes another critical task that ensures the ultimate success of a mobile app, server, or a service. Load and performance testing is the need-of-an-hour to ensure the success of any application like it is vital to check whether your app, server or service is […]

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How the success of your mobile app depends on choosing the right database?

Today mobile phones are considered as the most useful medium to seek information. They are heavily used devices for many such purposes. In fact, today every mobile device has at least a total of ten mobile applications for several purposes, be it taxi-booking app, food delivery app, e-commerce app, social networking apps, banking apps for […]

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