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Give Boost to the ROI of Your Business using iBeacon Apps

Beacon, at present, is a very popular technology for its high significance and usefulness in businesses. Brought into light in 2003 by Apple, service providers of iOS app development kicked off the creation of apps based on iBeacon technology, and thus these apps are conveniently embraced by Apple users.

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To What Extent A Designer should have the Knowledge of Coding?

In the IT industry, this question is often raised that how beneficial it is if designers come with a slight knowledge of coding. A good number of designers protest the discipline swap while its advocates are open to try their hands in different streams. Needless to mention that designing and coding are the two ends of a truck and started getting into the ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ of coding. A big group of people favors the discovery of excellence in a specific field; however, another group puts forth the list of benefits of being cognizant in two streams.

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Major Tips to Include Motion Design for an Excellent UX

In the world’s tech arena, the word ‘MOTION’ is quite in motion currently because it is referred to animations with smooth, clean and easy navigation. In mobile applications, motion design has got a new and vital meaning these days. Motion design is way ahead and more than what Flash websites, GIFs and obnoxious ads offer. Websites with distracting elements and those with flashy UX are the thing of past. Motion design is what the new buzz in the market with a guarantee to offer an intuitive users experience.

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What to Keep In Mind Before Determining Color Combinations for Web Designs?

While browsing Internet, we often come across websites that leave an excellent impression through its colors. On the other hand, there are many sites that have a washy impact as soon as they appear and most of us avoid lingering on such websites. Now, the question arises why does this happen? What exactly makes us feel awesome or annoying while browsing? As per experts, the color combination chosen for a website plays a crucial role in alluring or distracting users. Color leaves a magnificent impact on human mind as it establishes a communication with the viewer on many levels including emotional. It is the visual attribute to anything that emits, generates or mainly reflects light.

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What makes Node.js so Prominent?

Needless to say Node.js is truly the most popular web application out there, so much so that it outdoes other web applications by replacing websockets with revolutionary push technology. So what is so wonderful about them? Well, the answer is quite simple if you just dig a little. There is this cutting-edge web application with two-way, real-time connections allowing both the server and client build communication and it allows exchanging valuable data. So this simply is distinguished to the conventional web response paradigm where the communication is initiated by the client.

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Things to keep in mind as you move from Web App to Mobile App

Web app owners keep juggling with the idea of changing the web app to the mobile app often. After all, it’s a known fact that mobile is significant in the times of today and virtually everyone at some point of time feels that app must be available, workable and this way a lot of time is saved. So, what can you do? To start with on-the-go facilities are always appreciated. When the user has everything then there is no requirement to look for help of his browser and everything that you expect from the mobile app is done with the use of the mobile app. This way nothing is going to have more worth. When you limit yourself to web app and opt to skip the app-thing, then you are surely going to miss some very useful chances for your business. So is that good? Surely, not. No one desires missing even the tiniest chance to expand their business.

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Do You Need to Revamp Your Website?

There is a common notion that new, modern and responsive website development is most suitable for new companies looking to start out on the web. However, this doesn’t hold to be true as web design is equally required by well-set companies having an online presence but require revamping their image.

Even when your website is doing well since last many years there is still some place for the better and this can happen with appealing web design trends present in the market. So why not do some redecorating.

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Is it the right time for your business to convert your e-Commerce Website into an App?

Since a long time now eCommerce websites had been reining the world of technology; however that has changed to quite some extent considering the prominence enjoyed by the mobile app. Today you can easily noticed more internet traffic on a mobile device as compared to on a mobile eCommerce app. With the help of numerous tools found in the market it becomes easy to swiftly and easily transition your website into an app.

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Reasons Why WordPress is Powering 51% of All CMSs?

So the maths is simple. 1 in every 4 websites is powered by WordPress, a Content Management System (CMS) and more than half of the CMS based websites use this publishing platform. WordPress was started as a simple blogging platform just like Blogspot by Google. It was better known as “”, a community of bloggers. Although the company maintains that its blogging platform is more than capable of creating, hosting, and maintaining any type of website, it is its self-hosted version,, that attracted serious businesses to its platform.

The Flexibility, just like any other free, open-source, and community driven CMS, gives complete control in the hands of the website owner. The owner is responsible for hiring third-party hosting services, keeping up with the security and bug-fixes (which are rare until you completely mess-up with themes and plugins), and other maintenance tasks. It also gives access of its source code to WordPress developers so that they can customize themes and plugins as they please.

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4 Reasons You Cannot Replace A Developer to Build A Website

Website development is getting increasingly easy. Now you don’t need to be a web developer or a technical genius to build an e-commerce website or a news aggregator or a portal from scratch. There are many website builders and CMSs services, both free and paid, available that warrant little or no expertise for creating an online avenue for your products, services and musings. Earlier “up-and-running-in-a-few-minutes” websites were limited to personal blogs and simple static webpage. But with the rise of powerful website builders and online services, the websites for as complex as e-commerce industry can be created in a few hours, if not minutes. But can these services replace website developers? Not really!

You Will Not Get Every Feature

You may have an excellent idea to engage new visitors, but unfortunately you cannot see the idea in action as there is absolutely no way to do the same without changing the code or writing it from scratch. Heartbreaking, right? But this is the truth. Website builders and CMSs provide you with limited tools to play around. Even if you get access to source code, customizing it requires a lot of efforts and coding skills.

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