Apple is out with its new TV product. Yes, Apple TV is here to entertain the TV enthusiast. This smallish black box runs a zillion apps from several of TV networks and service providers like Netflix. Indexed into some sort of universal search and controlled by voice, this box will certainly be an eye-candy of many. With Apple TV coming at the base price of $149, you don’t need to Wi-Fi passwords and iCloud credentials as it just requires you to get your iPhone with iOS 9.1 and Bluetooth on near the unit and you are raring to go. Or else you can take the remote, that’s a sleek black rectangle with a glass touch-pad at the top; home, menu, play and volume buttons; an accelerometer and gyroscope; and dual microphones for voice commands that get triggered by holding down the Siri button.

It can be said that the entire hardware interface elements of an iPhone have been reworked for a 10-foot television experience. The best part is that it even charges over Lightning. You can take the visual flair of the interface, popping with subtle 3D effects and appealing ideas in regarding how the multi layered glass aesthetic of iOS can translate to a TV. It’s sleeker as compared to the previous radical Apple TV that came in 2011 as well as of its competitors. The combination of the remote and interface feels tight and interface while this tv also brings support for Siri and the Apple TV that means any app developer can create apps for the system. It’s certainly a first-generation product that’s same as previous Apple TV with the addition of a drastically stripped-down Siri and ported iPhone games.

Intriguing features

Though many of the features are same as they were in previous Apple TV, but here you have the fun 3D effects and the many advantages that come in front of you as you hold down the Siri button. Apps like iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Showtime impressively work on Siri, however ESPN or CBS apps doesn’t work. Meanwhile, Siri can also launch apps getting you sports scores, stocks and weather. Besides, the games are just pure fun.

apple-tv remote

Most appealing app

QVC app is indeed the most amazing app available in the Apple TV App Store. It is one app that truly blends television with interactivity, showing a live feed of QVC as well as it overlays the familiar information box on the left side of the screen with a buy button. When you are watching the regular QVC TV channel, you can just click to buy, or swipe down to see more photos of the item and related items. In the meantime the video will keep playing.

apple tv remote

Other than that the tap-to-get-setting-from-an iPhone feature is cool, though you can restore anything from a previous Apple TV. You just need to go to the App store and look for and download every streaming app you use. Once you have got them all, it’s time to authenticate all of them individually.

Apple is certainly taking a big leap with its latest introduction and a lot is expected from it.