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Guide To Choosing The Best CMS For Your Website

Over the time CMS has become much more than a content management system. It is now widely considered a one-stop solution for building a website from scratch. The reason behind the popularity of CMS is that you don’t need to be a website development expert to create a fully functional and attractive website., Joomla, and Drupal are three widely popular CMS. When we talk about these CMSs, it is hard to single out anyone as a winner. First, let’s look at some of the similarities among them.

1. Free and Open Source: They are open-source and available for free to download. You can access the source code and customize. Themes and plugins can be created and uploaded to personalize the website.

2. Community of developers: All three platforms have a good backing of developers. This ensures future improvements in platforms in terms of features.

3. Plugins and Themes: WordPress, Joomla and Drupal have many free and premium plugins and themes. These extend powerful features to the CMS-based websites.

4. Ease-of-use: I won’t say that Joomla and Drupal are as easy to use as WordPress but CMS’s don’t demand a strong grasp on web programming languages. Building a basic website from scratch is a cakewalk.

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6 Web Design and Development Phases You must Know [Infographic]

At present, the online presence has become a vital part of every business. It acts as the online portfolio for any company. But developing a brand new website is not as easy as making a cup of tea. While developing a website, the outsourcing team implements different phases to output an eye-catching and fully functional web portal. So, you must know the need things prior to hiring an offshore developer’s team.

Check out the whole development process of a website in a graphical format.


Creating A Future-Proof E-commerce Website

E-commerce is on the rise and the queues at cash-counters of super-markets are waning. Customers are getting accustomed to a wide variety of choices and “never-before” prices and discounts offered by a range of sellers selling goods online. The trends, fueled by the customer-experience parameter, are changing year after year. Keeping up with the changes and delivering on the customers’ expectations is not only desired but imperative.

There are so many websites and so many products, ranging from cosmetics to industrial equipment, in the e-commerce arena that new entrants find a hard time in differentiating themselves from the rest; and the rest includes some of the fiercest competitors like Amazon.

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4 Things The Official Website of Your Startup Must Have

An official website is the online identity of your startup, a trusted and important source of communication between your potential clients or customers and your company. In this era of social media and digital marketing, you can interact with your customers through a variety of mediums, but none of them can be as effective as your company’s website in converting them. And, why am I convincing you about the importance of your website? You already know that, don’t you?

So let’s get straight to the point. What are the things that you should keep in mind before settling for a final website?

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Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Websites… What will you opt for?

Today with the use of smart devices, various things have changed. Be it the way we communicate or how we access information. Our smart phones come packed with a number of mobile applications which have now found a place in our everyday life. Mobile apps are necessary components in smart devices with them, allowing you to have easier access to the information at any given point of time. However, the main motto behind the origin of these apps happened to entertain the audience. But now we have moved ahead of the same and apps have become a great medium to promote products and services, regardless of the size or function of a company.

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Amazing web design trends to go by to surge ahead of the competition!

Today web design holds extreme significance in the digital world and constant efforts are being made in the direction of making websites much simpler in terms of user interface and way easier for an ultimate user experience. There are a few web design trends that designers must be aware of so that they succeed in binding audience’s interest towards the website.

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How to provide a great user experience?

Nothing beats a great user experience and that’s assured by a sophisticated design that’s easy to use. This way user enjoys his experience, ensuring success of the website. The main idea behind a good user experience is that it leaves them feeling valued and wanted while in case of bad user experience they feel unwanted.

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Effective debugging tricks for the .NET developers!

It’s a common doing for a developer to devote fine quantum of time in daily activities to debug the code, recognize the actual reason of defect and ultimately find a solution for it. During the process, you might come across few bugs which are easily identified and solved, but some of them are so intricate that they take quite a long time to even come into knowledge of a developer. This leads to a developer spending an excess amount of time on debugging than writing an actual piece of code.

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Planning to design a mobile website? Keep these things in mind!

The trend of smartphones and tablets has been here for ages. In fact, today mobile internet access is moving ahead of desktop access with most Google searches being executed on mobile devices instead of computers. Google is much optimist about this trend, hence altered their search algorithm, to enhance rank of mobile friendly websites in search results while penalizing not-so mobile-friendly sites. During this process, several sites noticed a drop in their rankings while myriad others are rushing in to make mobile friendly sites. Still, there are a few websites that fail to work on Mobile, including new websites.

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