Google has surprised one and all with its new introduction Nexus 6P, that’s the first phone made of metal and made by Chinese vendor Huawei. In fact, it’s also first to include both a fingerprint reader as well as Android 6.0 software aka Marshmallow with Google Now on Tap. It has 5.7-inch screen display and the best thing is that the Nexus phones are compatible with all major carriers, as well as Google’s own unique Google-Fi wireless service and then there is an affordable handset insurance plan offering next-day replacement.

Even the camera quality is quite extraordinary as the 6P’s 12-megepixel camera (powered by a Sony image sensor) takes nice shots in bright daylight and low light. It’s also good performance wise and has good battery life and the Google Imprint fingerprint is praiseworthy.


Source: CNET

Let’s go into little depth and explore this new presentation of Google:

Pricing and availability

Already on pre-order since its announcement by Google on September 29, in the US, UK, Ireland and Japan, the 6P’s pricing differs in terms of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. The shipping will start anytime this month and Google also tacks on a 90-day subscription to Google Play Music (plus a $50 credit for its Play Store for US buyers. Along with this Google is selling a two-year warranty covering breaks and water damage, naming it Nexus Protect.

Google’s first metal Nexus

Coming in metal body, it’s slim with straight sides and has 5.7-inch screen with 2,560×1,440-pixel resolution along with USB-C charging port, USB Type-C charging port, Fingerprint reader and Loud Stereo forward-facing speakers. As its unibody build thus battery is not accessible and there is no microSD card slot for extra storage either. It comes in three colors, i.e. aluminum (which looks like silver), graphite (black) and frost, which is white.


Source: CNET

It comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Like as always, this time as well Nexus phone is debuting Google’s latest Android software and this time it’s Android 6.0 build, codenamed an ooey-gooey Marshmallow, promising faster and smoother processing. The most amazing feature is certainly Google on Tap and then the Google Now is also there for frequent information about the weather, sports scores, transportation time home and flight information.


Source: CNET

Features of Marshmallow:

  • Pure Android software
  • Google Now on Tap
  • Android Pay support
  • Doze function saves battery

Google Imprint

This fingerprint reader named Google Imprint is the way to secure the 6P, as the unlock accuracy was flawless. No wonder it’s a good feature that a phone can be unlocked with a quick scan. Other security options include facial or voice recognition in addition to PINs, passwords and patterns. Collaboratively, Google and Huawei have integrated the scanner on the 6P’s backside.

google-nexus-6p 4

Source: CNET

Camera quality

Nexus 6P presents 12-megapixel Sony sensor with 8-megapixel front-facing camera and 4K video capture support with slow-motion video. Even though the low light and night shots are noisy, still its satisfying to view and share.


Source: CNET

Performance and battery life

This phone indeed tops in comparison of the other phones as it comes to the performance. It can even handle a graphics-heavy game like Riptide GP2 with all the effects turned up. Coming to battery life, it gets an average with 11 hours 10 minutes over two video-loop tests. Fully recharged with Type-C charger in about an hour and a half, this 6P phones saves you battery life.


Source: CNET


Well, the phone does look good even though it will take little time to get used to its physical design and dimensions, and the camera’s image quality is promising. Hands-down it’s a nice phone indeed.