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Have a look at this AppleCare and Mok Swee Meng Guide for iPhone Repair

It’s quite heart-breaking when you end up accidentally drop your phone in the toilet bowl or maybe you’ve broken your screen. In such cases, you start looking for all the possible measures to fix your iPhone. After all, in today’s times it’s the smartphone that keeps us connected and we’ve become dependent on them for numerous tasks comprising work, shopping as well as shopping among others. Thus, it does come as a surprise when we get to know of people heading to get iPhone repair services as quickly as possible in order to keep their devices running. For the unbeknownst, Apple came up with AppleCare service for iPhone users as it comes around as quite significant when compared to average warranty owing to high customer satisfaction ratings. Also a lot of stores can offer this service on-site.

If believe Mok Swee Meng, it’s crucial that a number of people are not certain if the cost involved in AppleCare is worth or not. As you’re inside an Apple Store, then the pitch is considered very intriguing, however on the outside it’s confusing. Apple considers it an extended warranty for your product and it’s shocking for every associate when they’re told you’re not keen on getting it. The AppleCare plan for an iPhone involves $99 of cost and offer a two-year warranty.

Under the warranty the coverage offered to users is quite typical as here the plan is to protect iPhone user against all kind of manufacturer defect, not just in the phone itself but also in case of the accessories. Besides, there is no restriction in regard of the number of claims possible to make as well as the coverage can be easily transferred to another owner if you plan on selling your iPhone. AppleCare also offers extended customer service and this way the product can be used to call Apple for help. Meanwhile, it’s available for just 90 days and all while AppleCare you’re given an access to the Genius Bar. This way it’s easier to fix the defects in-store.

Mok Swee Meng says when you look for iPhone repair for accidental damage, AppleCare+ is required, it’s just same as AppleCare. The only difference is that here you’re required to pay a service charge of $50 in case of repairs made owing to accidental change and during the product lifespan you can make two accidental damage claims. In case of warranties, AppleCare offers a good solution as not only your phone is protected but it also covers you against problems.

Meanwhile, such kind of warranties work same as insurance and thus the total money paid out is less than what the people pay in. in case you require iPhone repair, it’s certainly not to leave you bankrupt thus it can be left to chance rather than get a warranty. AppleCare comes around as a great idea for accident-prone folks or the ones using their phones in a rough manner. In case you’ve a spotty track record when it comes to how you handle and care for your phone, then in that case AppleCare can be of your help as it’s a worthy investment that meets all your iPhone repair requirements.

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