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Tips to Develop the Best Mobile Apps for Kids

The proliferation of Smartphone’s and tablets has provided an exposure of the new technology to our current generation of Kids. Therefore, these devices have become a great source of learning for them. As a result, apps that target kids are being developed, uploaded and downloaded at a great number. However, developing such apps is a complex process and it consists of a number of stages, planning and execution.

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Give Boost to the ROI of Your Business using iBeacon Apps

Beacon, at present, is a very popular technology for its high significance and usefulness in businesses. Brought into light in 2003 by Apple, service providers of iOS app development kicked off the creation of apps based on iBeacon technology, and thus these apps are conveniently embraced by Apple users.

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To What Extent A Designer should have the Knowledge of Coding?

In the IT industry, this question is often raised that how beneficial it is if designers come with a slight knowledge of coding. A good number of designers protest the discipline swap while its advocates are open to try their hands in different streams. Needless to mention that designing and coding are the two ends of a truck and started getting into the ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ of coding. A big group of people favors the discovery of excellence in a specific field; however, another group puts forth the list of benefits of being cognizant in two streams.

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Major Tips to Include Motion Design for an Excellent UX

In the world’s tech arena, the word ‘MOTION’ is quite in motion currently because it is referred to animations with smooth, clean and easy navigation. In mobile applications, motion design has got a new and vital meaning these days. Motion design is way ahead and more than what Flash websites, GIFs and obnoxious ads offer. Websites with distracting elements and those with flashy UX are the thing of past. Motion design is what the new buzz in the market with a guarantee to offer an intuitive users experience.

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What to Keep In Mind Before Determining Color Combinations for Web Designs?

While browsing Internet, we often come across websites that leave an excellent impression through its colors. On the other hand, there are many sites that have a washy impact as soon as they appear and most of us avoid lingering on such websites. Now, the question arises why does this happen? What exactly makes us feel awesome or annoying while browsing? As per experts, the color combination chosen for a website plays a crucial role in alluring or distracting users. Color leaves a magnificent impact on human mind as it establishes a communication with the viewer on many levels including emotional. It is the visual attribute to anything that emits, generates or mainly reflects light.

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Do You Need to Revamp Your Website?

There is a common notion that new, modern and responsive website development is most suitable for new companies looking to start out on the web. However, this doesn’t hold to be true as web design is equally required by well-set companies having an online presence but require revamping their image.

Even when your website is doing well since last many years there is still some place for the better and this can happen with appealing web design trends present in the market. So why not do some redecorating.

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Not Happy With Your Website Design? This is What You Should Do!

In a day our team skims through hundreds of websites, sometimes for getting design ideas, the other times to know what marketing tactics are being used, and sometimes just to be sure about what don’t work. It is hard to predict the exact formula for a successful website (other than its association with a big brand). However, there are some very common elements that we see across all well-reputed websites. Keeping aside the SEO friendly website factors, there are many other factors which are at work.

Internet is inundated with the tips and advice on building an amazing site that visitors love, and most of the tips from reputable sources are worth implementing, but overhauling of your website design may send the organic traffic in comma if done incorrectly. Also, it is more work than you might assume before taking the plunge. But actually, these are not the reasons enough to justify your compromising with the website that you hate.

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Building A User and Search-Friendly Website

“Build a beautiful castle and people will come”, this is the myth that many new businesses and website owners may have. User engagement is a precious currency that is extremely hard to earn until you do most of the things right. Building an exemplary castle is fine, but you need to make sure that people know it exists somewhere. Reaching it is just a click away.

It is not uncommon to see a company investing a lot of resources into app and website building only to fight high bounce-rate and miserably low user-engagement at later stages. We have been working in the field of custom web design for more than 14 years, and know it inside-out. Here’s our take and tips:

1. Clear Navigation: Google has clearly mentioned in its guidelines that you should create content for the users and not for search-engines. “Crawlers” or “Spiders”, as google bots are commonly referred to as, are becoming more and more human like and are smart enough to know how user-friendly the content is.

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Why Custom Design is Best For Your Business? [Infographic]

Design can make or break a business, but still the examples of shoddy designs are many. There are no substitutes for custom designs as other alternatives have been already been used extensively to fill the real estate, which is fortunately or unfortunately unlimited on the Internet. Stock photos belong to an era gone-by, and I may not be the only one who finds stock photos of suit-clad employees in the boardroom boring.

custom web design - Infographic

User’s attention is increasingly getting a rare commodity, and your only chance of generating a decent user-engagement is the design.

The Anatomy of Design: Understanding UX and UI

How many times did you visit a website and kept browsing through its web pages for no apparent reason? Or when was the last time when you downloaded an app only to abandon it after using it just once? Has ever a product’s design influenced your purchase decision?

Our brain is brilliant at picking signals from noise.

If your business depends on your official website or app, UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) can make or break your brand.

When we talk about design, we aren’t necessarily talking only about the artistic elements like animation or image, but we also, sometimes subconsciously, take into account the overall experience. The minimalistic design of Medium, a publishing platform, is well-received by writer’s community. There are no fancy animations or graphics. Medium boasts of a simple yet intriguing design. It is easy to get started with (through a social media sign-in) and producing content is delightful. So, when a user compliments or complaints about design, they might be referring to their experience rather than the design itself.

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