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Artificial Intelligence – Future of Web Design & Development

We are living in the times when technology has a big impact on our lives. Can you really think of fulfilling your day-to-day tasks without the help of technology? No, right? Be it in terms of food delivery, online shopping, taxi booking, on just anything under the sun, you have the technology for your rescue.

Same way, in the arena of web development, which is an ever-changing domain, where the users are constantly seeking personalized content and rich experiences; Artificial Intelligence has been a game-changer of sorts here. Today, more and the number of companies apply Artificial Intelligence & related technologies for transforming business in ways not seen before. This entirely reinvents the way organizations perform, compete & flourish. When AI is properly and responsibly invented, it can be used by people to amplify how humans live & work. Today, people use AI across various industries and in the case of Web Design and Development firms, they can benefit immensely via this technology.

To understand the impact of Artificial Intelligence in the arena of Web Development, let’s first understand Artificial Intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Basically, AI is the ability of a computer program or a machine to think & learn. Besides, it is also a field of study that tries making computers smart. Now as machines are becoming more and more capable, so mental facilities that were once presumed to require intelligence are removed from the definition. AI is a field of computer science emphasizing the creation of intelligent machines that work & react like humans. Few activities that computers with artificial intelligence technology are designed for comprising of: Speech recognition & Learning.

Ultimately, Artificial Intelligence is machine designed & programmed in a manner that they think and act like a human. This has been a game-changer in many aspects and today this technology is being used in a wider manner in day-to-day services.

The significance of Artificial Intelligence in Website Development

Today, instead of searching for the goods on the Internet, more and more users rather prefer searching directly through Amazon. These e-commerce firms have very much changed our attitude towards online purchasing and, thus resultantly, to website development. More and more e-commerce firms nowadays are actively implementing pioneering technologies in their work, like Voice search, Chatbots, and obviously Artificial Intelligence solutions.

artificial intelligence

Few benefits of AI in website development are:

  • With AI, search gets even faster
  • AI makes interactions with visitors even better
  • AI provides personalized store experience
  • AI provides a more relevant customer experience
  • With AI it is possible to effectively market to target customers

How Artificial Intelligence can facilitate web programming?

Well yes, Artificial Intelligence can be extremely helpful with web programming as well, performing numerous of tasks, such as it adds, updates records to the database, predicts what bits of code could work best in solving a problem and then utilize the predictions to prompt web developers to adopt a specific solution.

Like, for instance, we have Pix2Code that automates front-end development. Also, Artificial Intelligence algorithms are useful for creating self-modifying codes from start with it being fully-functional codes sans any human participation. This way, smarter applications & bots can be built by the developers with the use of AI technology at a lot faster rates compared to earlier. But, it would be required at their end to training all these machines and then feed the machines with appropriate data sets to start with. With intelligent design and complete training, best results can be produced by these systems. And it is at this very instance that the skills of web developers prove useful and make a major difference in web development.

Artificial Intelligence for the Web Designers: Is it a Friend or Foe?

Today a certain group of people is scared of the thought that Artificial Intelligence will soon replace human workers. But that might not be the scenario. In fact, presently, Artificial Intelligence is heavily relying on the human to teach and train them about how to use it and what to do with it. Like, AI might just be great at drawing or designing a dog, but there is a lack of understanding regarding what is that. For instance, we have Google’s AI experiment in Quick,Draw. Here, Artificial Intelligence basis its prediction on the past entry of how the other people had formed a specific word.

AI in web designing

At the same time, regardless of the fact that today we live in a technology-driven world, most of the people still give value to human touch. Despite the fact that automation works better and easier with AIso, still, human input is vital. In fact, it would be ay too early to say that AI will take over most jobs carried out by humans. Rather, it can be said that human jobs are secure from AIs. Even if AI capably takes over these jobs, still the humans will be having a way for new and flourishing careers.

As of, for now, Artificial Intelligence surely is the ‘welcomed’ best friend for the web designers as it allows them to accomplish their jobs faster and makes it manageable. This allows the designers to have spare time to deal with complex tasks instead of working on the monotonous tasks.

Few Crucial Aspects revealing how Web design can enhance further with Artificial Intelligence:

AI virtual assistants simplifies web designs

So, not all of the web designers are certainly developers & vice-versa. However, at times it happens that a person is brilliant in web development, but lacks designing skills. So, here the Artificial Intelligence comes as a savior. Even though most developers think that it is a tough task to design the basic templates and layouts for their website pages, however, that is not the case with AI for their rescue.

A number of Artificial Intelligence tools, comprising of virtual assistants are available which can be used by the developers for simplifying entire design & development process. So, the developers can use them to simplify the tasks.

Creating personalized content is now easier with AI

Artificial Intelligence virtual assistants do a great job of creating the personalized content combining the design, brand, content, and layout expected by the user. It does so by thinking & asking the questions from a user perspective and it then acquires content well representing all these answers well.

AI tools in the market today are incredibly helpful

AI covers each aspect of design, like the basic photo-edit skills, consisting of trimming and implementing image recognition. This is mainly helpful in the creation of the image elements with the mean of understanding, learning & analyzing the neighboring pixels. What web developers require doing is training their machine so that it thinks & acts just as desired by a designer.

How Artificial Intelligence can prove helpful in Web Analytics for SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one crucial aspect of web designing which takes it to its users. There are a number of web analytics tools out there, however, these tools tend to be restrained owing to the processing skills of the developers, reading and understanding data analytics of their websites.

With the use of Artificial Intelligence for analyzing and mining data, it gets easier for the websites to maximize the utility of this data and then use it to enhance SEO. At the same time, AI-powered predictive engines also notify the developers regarding irregularities in their website architecture, reveal issues in the web content that impacts the SEO of the website, and a lot more.

All of these ideas & notifications are helpful in enhancing website content and the other aspects that connect well with the target audience. Numerous top websites use all of these tools so to respond & plan the web content as per the algorithms of the search engines.

How Artificial Intelligence can be wonderful for the end-user experience?

This technology of Chatbots was introduced just last year it is brilliant at what it does. Did you know that Chatbots are efficient at responding to your customers on your behalf? It is just that the language it uses and the responses are given are relatively basic, and in case of complex assistance form your customers, human intervention would be required. Also, it will miss the warmth and real personalization which is at times valued in case of customer engagement.

Using the chatbots, AI feed can amazingly enhance customer interaction and care, taking it to an all-new level. In case, of the basic rules-based chatbots, they give responses to only particular predefined commands. However, with AI-infused chatbots, a real-time conversation occurs as it learns from each conversation and improves significantly over time. With each conversation, it automatically adapts as per the responses and then picking up from there, it formulates the responses for the next conversation.

Thus, the technology can prove great in managing routine tasks, as it offers necessary information, services, and takes the required action. A few exciting possibilities it offers is improvisation in visitor participation, with all queries responded on time, customized real-time assistance and replies on the comments on the blog posts.

Artificial Intelligence for requirement gathering & analysis

It is easier for a person to automate the process of collecting the client requirement & end-user stories sans any human intervention using the Artificial Intelligence-powered voice assistant or chatbot. It allows preparing a comprehensive description of collected data & using the data extraction tools for generating insights which then drives web design & development strategy. What makes this possible is a meticulously constructed system employing ML, NLP, image recognition algorithms, computer vision & tools among the others.

For instance, we have, which is a platform empowering decision-maker with the insights they require for driving business outcomes within the data-driven analytics.

How to ease testing & quality assurance with Artificial Intelligence?

Well, the thing with Artificial Intelligence algorithms is that they are extremely helpful in the application test, with slight or no human intervention at all. They are capable of predicting key parameters of the software testing procedures on the basis of historical data and are also capable of detecting the failure patterns and amplifying the failure prediction at a much higher efficiency as compared to the traditional QA approach. As of now, Microsoft is preparing to release an AI Bug Finder for the developer, named, Microsoft Security Risk Detection.

Here in this AI-powered QA setting, developers will be able to determine way more effective methods to test, recognize the outliers faster, & work on the effective code coverage techniques, with maybe none or basic testing experience. Keeping it simple, the developers would just require focusing on enhancing the build, whereas AI will automatically handle the complex test cases & the subsequent bugs.

High-time for the developers to skill-up

As Artificial Intelligence is reigning, it would be a possibility that the developers would require playing a different role than this age-old role of programmer-cum-designer. It would be vital for the developers to sharpen their technical skillset in order to rise above and to ensure that it is up-to-par to web development work which AI will capably take over in the coming times.

For instance, it would be vital that they put more energy on training the AI algorithms so that they learn web & mobile usage patterns for improved recommendations. There is a requirement for a data-driven approach that focuses more on curating data and taking software via a process of learning on its own, as well as writing the script so it interacts with software.

To do the same, web developers would be required to get up-to-speed with basics of deep learning, natural language processing & machine learning, etc., and apply tools & techniques related to the AI into the web development workflow.

Conclusion: In case you are someone who owns a business or is planning on starting one, then it is the right time to implement AI, instead of waiting for it to reach its full potential. Choose a firm that offers the best web design services with AI technology integrated and get started.               

Arun Goyal

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