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The Battle of Virtual Reality: Who’s The Winner?

2016 is a big year for Virtual Reality. Some giant tech firms, backed by game studios, are placing huge bets in this space. And when there are companies of the likes of Apple, Facebook, and Sony are there, you can expect some big news and launch events round the year.

If you were on a digital-world sabbatical, let me tell you that virtual reality is an immersive computer-simulated environment with which a user interact. Many people have a myth that Microsoft HoloLens is a VR headset, but the fact is- in contrast with VR headsets, HoloLens doesn’t cut you off from the real-world but projects holograms in a 3-D environment of the real world. You can still roam around wearing the headsets which is definitely not recommended when you have a VR headset on. Hence, I am keeping HoloLens out of the league.

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Is PhoneGap Right For Your Application?

There has always been a debate between which is better: Hybrid apps or Native apps.

Developers for long have voiced their opinion that hybrid can never match the performance of a native app, and Mark Zukerburg, the co-founder and CEO of Facebook, said that using HTML5 for mobile app of Facebook was its worst mistake.

(Facebook’s mobile app was a hybrid one until 2012.)

That being said, there are many advantages of hybrid applications and thus, at many instances PhoneGap can be a savior in the app development process. The devil lies in the details so let’s find the devil.

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CES 2016 – Innovation Overload

CES 2016 is starting from January 6th, 2016 in Las Vegas. The innovations and awe-inspiring products will spread across 2.4 million sq. feet of exhibition space. From giants to aspiring startups, all are joining the bandwagon to showcase what they have got to show and how they make this world a better place. Let’s have a quick roundup of what you can expect at CES 2016.

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5 Absolutely Important Things to Consider Before Making an App

In a week’s time your smartphones and digital clocks will show “2016”, marking the presence of the New Year. You must have planned a lot of things to do in the year, starting right from resolutions (which are so hard to stick with, aren’t they?).

If one of your plans includes developing a new application, 2016 is the right time to dive in- thanks to the ever-increasing penetration of smartphones and tablets, especially in developing economies. (The right time has always been and will always be NOW.)

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Glancing through the best of technology of 2015!

The world of technology is full of surprises. It’s never stuck on just one thing as it’s always moving forth, introducing new gadgets, new software updates and it goes on and on. Well, as we glance over 2015, this was indeed a year that stretched far beyond smartphones and laptops. Not only we saw Android smartphones going a step ahead and catch up to the iPhone with premium materials and powerful cameras, but there were hoverboards, more affordable drones and the most impressive among them was certainly consumer VR. Among the wearables, smart-watches were conventional with fashionable styles and intuitive use cases.

Below is the list of most remarkable tech products of the year, excelling within their product categories delivering on value, quality and function.

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