Planning to Integrate Artificial Intelligence in mobile app development? Know the Pros and Cons!

There is a constant debate going on over the proficiency of Artificial Intelligence and what impact will it have on the human race in the years to come. The opinions coming from people from various parts of the world are much divided, where some label Artificial Intelligence as a game-changer, while others see it as […]

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mobile app development for healthcare

Electronic Health Information Exchange (HIE) Software Solution

There are a lot of apps out there that has completely changed the outlook of the healthcare ecosystem. The latest technology has helped out in creating apps that can turn around the medical world and one of these apps are Electronic health information exchange (HIE). Major functions of this technology are that it allows doctors, […]

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Node.js 8

How to develop Scalable Network Applications with new & exciting Node.js 8?

Today we are living in a tech-driven world, and there is always some game-changing technology entering the market with a boom and extinction at the same pace. However, Node.js certainly begs to differ in this regard. Ryan Dahl developed this open-source cross-platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime in 2009, and today this platform has proved […]

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