Now accomplishing success on Google Play is an easy process for Android developers

The market of mobile application development is incessantly buzzing and this makes the development of an application that attains great success on the app store an extremely crucial process. Enjoying good high-ranking status in the market, Android has millions of application developed and launched on everyday basis on the app store.

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Right ways to use social media for your mobile application marketing

Nowadays in the digital world, attempts are being made to socialize all the IT services that can turn out to be a major market breakthrough of these services. As we think of IT services in the market, mobile applications development business enjoys great hold as economists even have a say that the mobile app market is the fastest growing sector in IT market. Marketers use several platforms for mobile applications, among which the most significant is Social Media that make your application have a reach to a worldwide audience.

While the mobile application is made hostile on Social Media, it also creates the adequate hype in the market. Today the need for the marketers is to look beyond Facebook or YouTube as it comes to social media marketing, as platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and various others will make you attain great heights. Here we will be discussing a few ways which will help in successful mobile app marketing on social media.

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How Mobile Application Development can do wonders for your enterprise?

The first thing that comes with the term business in mind is purchasing and selling things. However, there is certainly a lot more to it and it includes developing some products that help in improving business quality by the mean of performing numerous tasks. It can be done by being involved with the business strategy that would lead in huge profit.

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Easy tricks for developers to track Android App Performance!

Here is the good news for the mobile app developers as now tracking the performance of your applications is way easier a process. Android application development service providers are well-versed with efficient tools that are useful in tracking the performance of their apps. Tracking makes it easier to improve upon the current app and come up with a significantly better version. Besides, it plays a vital role in customer engagement as well as carrying out effective A/B testing. Measuring app performing can help out in various ways.

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Amazing web design trends to go by to surge ahead of the competition!

Today web design holds extreme significance in the digital world and constant efforts are being made in the direction of making websites much simpler in terms of user interface and way easier for an ultimate user experience. There are a few web design trends that designers must be aware of so that they succeed in binding audience’s interest towards the website.

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How to provide a great user experience?

Nothing beats a great user experience and that’s assured by a sophisticated design that’s easy to use. This way user enjoys his experience, ensuring success of the website. The main idea behind a good user experience is that it leaves them feeling valued and wanted while in case of bad user experience they feel unwanted.

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Your wait will be soon over; Apple to soon launch iPhone 6s!

There is an exciting piece of news for Apple lovers as going by the recent buzz in the market, the brand will be soon launching the next generation iPhone which is going to be named iPhone 6s. Instead of launching with iPhone 7, it’s going to update ‘S’ branded model over the previous generation, which was iPhone 6C.

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Effective debugging tricks for the .NET developers!

It’s a common doing for a developer to devote fine quantum of time in daily activities to debug the code, recognize the actual reason of defect and ultimately find a solution for it. During the process, you might come across few bugs which are easily identified and solved, but some of them are so intricate that they take quite a long time to even come into knowledge of a developer. This leads to a developer spending an excess amount of time on debugging than writing an actual piece of code.

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Amazing reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 10!

The much-awaited release of Windows 10 has taken place and many are keen on upgrading to this latest desktop operating system from Microsoft. It’s faster, performs way more efficiently and has amazing security capabilities. Needless to say, there are ample of reasons to opt for this new invention as it treats you with a fleet of new exciting features. Here we will be presenting in front of you a list of wonderful reasons why this upgrade will work in your favor. Read ahead to know how:

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Planning to design a mobile website? Keep these things in mind!

The trend of smartphones and tablets has been here for ages. In fact, today mobile internet access is moving ahead of desktop access with most Google searches being executed on mobile devices instead of computers. Google is much optimist about this trend, hence altered their search algorithm, to enhance rank of mobile friendly websites in search results while penalizing not-so mobile-friendly sites. During this process, several sites noticed a drop in their rankings while myriad others are rushing in to make mobile friendly sites. Still, there are a few websites that fail to work on Mobile, including new websites.

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