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Arun Goyal


Managing Director @ Octal Info Solution

Tips to Develop the Best Mobile Apps for Kids

The proliferation of Smartphone’s and tablets has provided an exposure of the new technology to our current generation of Kids. Therefore, these devices have become a great source of learning for them. As a result, apps that target kids are being developed, uploaded and downloaded at a great number. However, developing such apps is a complex process and it consists…

Major Tips to Include Motion Design for an Excellent UX

In the world’s tech arena, the word ‘MOTION’ is quite in motion currently because it is referred to animations with smooth, clean and easy navigation. In mobile applications, motion design has got a new and vital meaning these days. Motion design is way ahead and more than what Flash websites, GIFs and obnoxious ads offer. Websites with distracting elements and…

Driver less Taxis Make Their Debut in Singapore

As far as moving ahead with technology is concerned, Singapore is no more behind when compared with many big players in the world. This is why on August 26 nuTonomy chose the soil of Singapore for the first-ever public trial of its robo-taxi services leaving these players way behind. The foundation of nuTonomy was laid in 2013 by ex-MIT engineers…

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